Saturday, December 22, 2018

Our Wines as of December 2018

Dear Friends,

Here's a list of our wines available as of the Winter Solstice, 2018, with tasting notes by yours truly, the wine maker.  The list is organized by varietal, and with each varietal the year. My palette doesn't appreciate higher acid wines, preferring fruit forward wines with lower acidity. You, however, may favor higher acid and or earthy wines - and there are several of those to choose from. Underlined wines suit the winemaker's personal tastes (note, your taste may be different!)  A general note about pricing - the wines are generally priced at $25 per bottle with the purchase of a case or more. Prices are subject to change, as quality improves and supply dwindles.  Exceptions are made for our "rare" wines - those that we love of which there are just a few bottles left.  All wines are made with "Estate" grapes unless noted, usually in lots of one barrel (about 23 cases) unless noted.  The 2017 wines all came out good.  If you wish to discuss the wines in further detail, please email us at  I'd love to chat with you about the wines. Cheers!

Aglianico 2009 (Guadeloupe Valley) - $25 very earthy, minerality. It has aged very well. If you like earthy wines, this is for you.

Aglianico 2011 - A 1/4 blend of 2009 Guadeloupe Aglianico, 1/4 estate 2010 Aglianico, 1/2 2011 Aglianico - this is a very interesting, complex wine, combining some earthiness with fruit. When Lum Eisenman tasted it a few years ago, he kept coming back for more, because he liked it, and was trying to figure it out. $25

Aglianico 2013 (Estate) - Bold dark fruit and high acidity. If you like high acid wines with rich meals, this is for you. It should age well, with a low pH.

Blush - 2018 - Made from Tempranillo. No added sulfites. Fermented to dryness. Crisp acidity - very characteristic of a French rose, blush wine. Only 6 cases produced.

Grenache 2010 blend (Grenache 50%, Tempranillo, Petite Sirah) - this wine came out well and has aged well. Shows signs of an "aged" mature wine. For sale only locally, in case its corked (so we can provide spare bottles).

Grenache 2011 blend (Grenache 60%, Tempranillo, Petite Sirah) - one of our best wines ever. Just a few bottles left. $49 each limit one per customer while supplies last.

Grenache 2012 blend (Grenache 60%, Tempranillo, Petite Sirah) - very high acid and very dry mouth feel. Very old style French.

Grenache 2013 blend - high acid and dry - a bit more fruit than the 2012.

Grenache 2014 blend - combines strong, bold fruit with crisp acidity aged 18 months in a new oak barrel. I would recommend this one of the Grenache blends (but only if you like high acidity).

Grenache 2016 blend - good balance of fruit and acidity, it drinks like a European, old world wine if you like that style.

Grenache 2017 blend (25% Grenache, 35% Petit Sirah, 40% Tempranillo) - this wine was bottled in November, 2018 and it's very promising - good fruit (cherries, currants)  moderate acidity. New oak barrel. Very promising indeed! (Be sure to check out the 2017 Tempranillo, and also the 2017 Petit Sirah - those are all good.)

Montepulciano 2009 (Guadeloupe) - Cherry flavors, minerality -It has aged well. Some people love this wine.

Nebbiolo 2006 (Guadeloupe) $99 per bottle limit one per customer if we can find one.

Petit Verdot - 2007  $99 (just a few bottles left). Grapes from Bonsall, CA. Fragrance in a bottle.

Petit Verdot 80% - Nebbiolo 20% blend 2007 $49 if we can find any bottles. Very good. PV from Bonsall, CA.  Nebbiolo from Guadeloupe.

Petit Verdot 2008 (Bonsall, CA) - $99 (Magnum Size Bottle - Local Only). There are a few 750 ml bottles available. $49. Limit 1 per customer. More fragrance, with structure, in a bottle.

Petit Verdot 2008 "Merleatage" Blend (Petit Verdot over 50%, Malbec, Petit Sirah) this was one of our best wines. New french oak barrel.  Just a few bottles left. $99 per bottle.  Petit Verdot and Malbec from Bonsall.

Petit Verdot 2009 (Paso Robles Grapes) - this is a "lighter" Petit Verdot - it is a characteristically aged wine.

Petit Verdot 2009 Merleatage Blend was made by combining a barrel of Petit Verdot (Bonsall), a barrel of Cab Franc (Paso Robles), a barrel of Petit Sirah (Valley Center, San Diego), with 1/4 barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon (Bonsall)  and 1/4 barrel of Estate Tempranillo - this wine has come together as it has aged, sometimes showing hints of tobacco. I tasted this recently after having a $400 Chateau Lafite, and the local wine reminded me of the $400 wine. This wine is for someone who likes aged, old world wines.

Petite Sirah 2013 - New oak barrel, aged almost 2 years in the barrel. One of our best Petite Sirahs ever. This is a very good wine, in its prime.

Petite Sirah 2017 - Bottled December 23, 2018.  As promising as the 2013 mentioned above! Really excited about this wine!

Petit Sirah/Tempranillo Blend 2014 - Bold fruit, aged about 20 months in a new oak barrel. Good balance of fruit and acidity.

Pinotage 2010 (Bonsall) - light fruit with minerality ....some people LOVE this wine.

"Port" Style Dessert Late Harvest Fortified Wines - 2010 "Tawney" Nebbiolo grapes with low sugar. 2012 Tawney also with relatively low sugar aged outside pretty much until earlier this year when we bottled some of it.   There's also a rich, more ruby style made from Estate Zinfandel, combining production over several years, still in a barrel, and by special request a bottle may be pulled from it. (This is really, really, really good and sweet and rich - it's going to cost more.)  There's also a 2014 Zinfandel/Aglianico late harvest wine still in its barrel.

Syrah 2010 (San Marcos, San Diego, CA) - this wine has aged well ... the grapes were a little on the higher acid side when they arrived, but it's aged pretty well.

Tempranillo 2010 - a few bottles left ... an example of aged Tempranillo in a neutral barrel (not much oak flavors). Prefer to sell it locally in case it is "corked".

Tempranillo 2017 - good fruit (cherries, currants, berries) , well balanced, fun. Love this wine! New oak barrel. Bottled early to preserve freshness. Made to drink young. Enjoy it! (Compare to the 2017 Grenache, Tempranillo, Petite Sirah blend - also fun and good.)

Tempranillo 2018 Blush - fermented to dryness, crisp acidity, in style of a French blush wine.

Zinfandel 2013 - This is a very good expression of our estate Zin. Rich wine, yet not over the top. Good balanced acids. This wine is at its prime.

Zinfandel, Carignan, Nebbiolo Blend -Called Bluey's Cuvee -  this was a blend of 2010 high acid Zin with low acidity Carignan (from San Diego) spiced with some Nebbiolo - it all blended together pretty well. A fun red wine.

Zinfandel / Tempranillo Blend 2011 - the "Stephanie Stomp" - earthy ... it seems to have come together with age.