Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday Down On The Farm

Our friend Greg, Quality Control Manager at the Burrell School Vineyard & Winery in the mountains above Santa Cruz, CA, sent us 3 bottles as part of a wine swap arrangement. I told him the weather forecast was for a Pinot Noir Easter at the Blue-Merle, thanks to his gift. Life is short, and not knowing if Thursday's supper would be our last, we opened the 2005 Estate which I describe as: "Pinot with an attitude." He told us to try the 2004, which was a little smoother -- and I must confess that with 4 ounces left -- which happened to be in my wife's glass -- when she stepped out of the room for a moment she came back to find her glass empty and mine half-full. After making a hint of a compliant, I was obliged to share the remainder with her. The 2004 was smoother, and I describe it as "Pinot with mojo." The proof: I caught a gopher, and Bluey caught a rabbit. This is very serious mojo, as the odds of both impossibilities happening the same day can only be attributed to the wine. Bluey brought the rabbit (actually, a tiny, baby bunny) to me as a gift. I took the bunny in gloved hands and walked up the hill to prepare for the 2nd burial of the morning (concealing the R in my hands to spare the Queen and the awakening Princess from the horror). The bunny was still breathing, so I prepared a bed of hay in an empty flower pot -- just in case he might survive (I didn't suspect Bluey attacked or bit the bunny -- he was probably just trying to play, like a good papa dog rollicking with his little pup). The rabbit started hopping around, so now I planned its release. I hadn't touched him with my bare hands, but he had been covered in Bluey's saliva, so I wondered if his mom would take him back. I walked down to the house and announced to the ladies that the Easter Bunny had arrived -- we all agreed on a release strategy, and I placed the flower pot adjacent to the rabbits' den by the house. Bluey and I went back to the hill and whacked weeds for an hour. We just inspected the flower pot. Empty. No bunny. A good sign. Now we'll see if his mom takes him back. The story of this little Peter Rabbit to be continued.

The day is still young. I've found a perfect place to plant the owl box. The plan is to attach two wooden trellis end posts to make a 16' pole. We'll see if that works. The other major event planned for today is to carry the cross from the bottom of the hill to the top.

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