Friday, March 14, 2008

Improved Technique for Installing Trellis Cross Arms

The days it was taking to install cross arms on the metal posts and to string wire were turning into weeks, with costs rising faster than the price of gas and gold. The 2nd planting of the vineyard was over budget. I'm tempted to say "it's the first time in my married life I have really been proud of my wife" as the Queen discovered an improved technique for installing cross arms that saved time, saved money and made the job so easy, she fired the workers and did it herself! Damn, is she good! She's filing a patent on this invention, so if you'd like to follow her step-by-step instructions, send your royalty check payable to the "The Blue Merle" (we'll use it to fund continuing education of the workers, so we can hire them back).

In essence, here's what she does:
1) First, attach the screws, washers and fasteners to the cross-arm. Note: You do this first, which you can do inside while watching the candidates debate on CNN in the evening (another time saver)

2) Then you slip the cross arm over the top of the stake (not an easy thing to do when you're barely 5' tall and the top of the stake is 8' above the ground).

3) Then just tighten up the screws, and you're good to go. (No, she didn't use the electric powered screw driver that the workers were so proud of, which somehow took them hours to do what she was able to do in minutes).

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