Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter Solstice At The Blue-Merle

December 23, 2007 -- Full moon rising over the Blue-Merle Winery at the time of the Winter Solstice. At precisley 5pm, the moon has entered the wine glass on the table of the terrace, as seen by a crowd of spectators who have come to witness the event. The flash of cameras; the push of digital video recorder buttons; the barking dog (and howling coyotes) to capture the moment for the world. Webcast: Live from the Blue-Merle.

Scene Two: A few moments later, from inside the winery, looking through a glass window, the full moon to the Northwest; a reflection, the glow of the setting sun to the West, highlighting Catalina Island, and the Pacific Ocean, seen side-by-side, in the window pane, a surreal picture-in-picture, observers sipping a glass of wine, previously shined on at 5pm by the full-moon.

(The Blue-Merle Winery is now taking reservations to attend the Summer Solstice celebrations and the 2008 Winter Solisitice. All are welcome.)

P.S. (December 24th) -- As we celebrated the return of longer days, our neighbor Pam marked the passing of the seasons with the death of her father. She sent us this note and poem:

"Dear friends, Just a short note to let you know that my father died today at Yavapai Regional Medical Center. My sister, her husband, my brother, Paul and I were at his bedside. I've attached a poem I just wrote. Thank you for your prayers. with love, Pam

My father passed away
This first day of winter
As if unwilling to spend
Another cold season
Too lonely
Without his life’s companion
By his side
This first day of winter
Early morning
We said goodbye and
Turned off the machines
Which kept his breathing going
I held his hand
and watched for his soul to leave
But only caught the shift,
the physical moment
His body turned to stone
This first day of winter’s eve
I spoke of the accident
Said how sorry I was
And asked my father’s forgiveness
For my part, my responsibility
For his year of suffering
His response,
A rapid rise in respiratory rate
Alarms and bells
Let me know
He heard my voice,
Perhaps he heard my plea
This first day of winter
It’s cold outside
Inside my body’s like a furnace
Burning with the grief and hurt
Of the loss, of the prospect
Of a world without
My father in my life
A new season
Usually means a new beginning
This first day of winter
It’s cold outside."


Connie T said...

So touching - from picture to poem.

Craig Justice said...

Five years later, this full-moon madness at 5pm on the year's shortest day simply amazes me. Cheers!

Craig Justice said...

A new discovery: the morning after, caught moon beams in my coffee dawn.