Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is OwlGore Asleep On The Job?

There's a fresh gopher hole in the vineyard right underneath the home of OwlGore. What's that gopher thinking? And what the hell has OwlGore been doing? Is he asleep on the job? Did a GOP candidate just win a Congressional seat in a heavily Democratic New York district? WTF? Wait, the gopher trap Bluey and I set this morning is empty, and we're known for catching them with one shot, like the DeerHunter. And what's that small mound of fresh slimeytar rodent gunk under the owl's nest? Could that be the gopher? Tomorrow will tell.


Vinogirl said...

So, was there an pellet there this morning?

Craig Justice said...

Yes, the present of the pellet was there. But I have not done a DNA test yet to confirm if the source of that pellet is the gopher tunneling right underneath the owl nest. Who knows, that one might have come from Merlot Mike's. Or, maybe Fidel, that rascal, is now recycling owl pellets, placing them there each morning, to trick us into thinking that OwlGore is still hanging out with us.