Monday, November 17, 2014

Of Aging Roses, Vines & Men ...

Of aging roses, vines and men there is elegance and grace.


Anonymous said...

I live in Fairfield, CT. While researching the "Samp Mortar Rock area of my neighborhood, I came across a Fairfield Citizen News article written by a "Craig Justice" titled "Echoes of Indian lore live on at Samp Mortar." Would you so happen to be the same Craig Justice?? I noticed you went to high school at Staples so may have had a brief stint at the Citizen-News?? It included a photograph of a natural rock outcropping in the form of an "Indian silhouette." I'm quite familiar with the area and the Samp Mortar Rock, but I have not come across this rock silhouette. I'm quite curious where it is!
Gordon Brune
Fairfield, CT

Craig Justice said...

Yes, it is I!