Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Game of Cat & Mouse With Birds Begins

Petit Sirah, a clone developed by Dr. Durif,
ripen early attracting the attention of birds.
The Durif grapes, a clone of Petit Sirah,
are smaller than their cousins above
(as are the leaves), and almost ripe.
As the Durif vines were the first to break bud it's not surprising they are the first to produce ripe grapes, yes even in July, and a game of cat & mouse with the birds has begun. Or, is it better described as a chess match? Birds move to Row 5 Vine #1 and take grapes. (This is not a frontal offensive, but rather a probe and they have found sweet sugar.) Vintner has Queen move nets from the top of the hill to end of Row 5: "Check."

Click here to see what happens next and to learn about the netting of the vines.


Craig Justice said...

Birds launch probes on Row 3 Vine 12, Row 1 Vine 5 and Row 2, Vines 3 & 5. Queen hedges vines. Birds, which have flown to trees, observe. Queen says, "I now understand why vineyard workers want to drink beer in the morning. Get me a cold one and pick me a line." Score: Birds: 5 bunches ruined. Queen: 0 nets up (but 3 in process).

Craig Justice said...

Birds have made a flanking move to the last Tempranillo row towards the top of the hill. Will net that row tomorrow in a defensive move. If birds attempt to swarm, will call in neighbor with shotgun to implement shock & awe.