Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vineyard Cross-Training

Thursday morning is trash day so Bluey and I enter the vineyard as the sun rises and pick up two bundles of roped sticks then march down the hill to the bottom of the driveway with me pumping sticks along the way to build the biceps and he chewing sticks showing that a smart Aussie can chew sticks and trot at the same time (while I'm wondering if he's so smart then why doesn't he get out of the way of the newspaperdeliveryman's car as he drives up the road). We place the bundles down then jog along the road 100 yards or so until the spot where the hill drops off then jog back to the driveway up into the vineyard until we come to the next pile of sticks. Repeat. Then repeat, until all stick bundles have been cleared. Cross training.

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