Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Winemaker's Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Winemaker?

You've seen the website, read the horror stories, and you think you still want to make wine? Well, to be sure, take the quiz to see if you have what it takes.


Choose A, B, or C

1. To cut down on green house gases, you vow not to use the air conditioner, except:
a. When the temperature exceeds 40 C ?
b. The temperature hits 40 C degrees and your wife complains about her high blood pressure and says she’s about to faint?
c. You have wine fermenting in the garage and concerned about the yeast dying in 40 C heat, you turn on the air conditioner in the house, keep the door between the garage and the kitchen open so that the garage cools down?

2. Your dog would rather:
a. Play Frisbee?
b. Chew on a steak bone?
c. Eat a bunch of grapes?

3. You wake up in the middle of the night to:
a. Watch an international soccer match?
b. Feed the baby?
c. Stir your fermenting wine?

4. When planning a hunting vacation with your buddies, you would rather hunt:
a. Elephants in Africa?
b. Pheasants in Kansas?
c. Gophers in your backyard?

5. Where do you park your car at night?
a. In the garage?
b. I don’t have a car; I bike to save the planet!
c. Outside, because the garage is full of wine.

6. If you wanted $1 million, you would:
a. Invest 10% of your earnings each month in the stock market?
b. Buy a lottery ticket?
c. Borrow $2 million from the bank, start a winery, and end up with $1 million?

7. For your next car, you dream of buying:
a. A Mercedes.
b. A hybrid.
c. A pickup truck (battery powered).

8. When given 1-minute to evacuate from a wildfire, after gathering your family and your dog and with 15 seconds left you grab:
a. Your iPOD
b. Your photos
c. Your wine collection

9. Your father gives you the greatest, biggest-ever BIG BERTHA golf club driver and you want to:
a. Hit a golf ball 300 yards
b. Throw the club after hitting a bad shot
c. Use the club to stir fermenting wine

10. You have just remodeled the kitchen in your home and installed a kitchen-nook eating area and you dream of:
a. Inviting your best friends over for Sunday brunch
b. Submitting pictures of the new kitchen to House Beautiful magazine
c. Moving wine barrels from the garage into your kitchen because the garage is too warm

11. Which statement best describes your life to this point:
a. A penny saved is a penny earned.
b. Shit happens.
c. I spent all of my money on wine and women – the rest of it I wasted!


Anonymous said...


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Craig Justice said...


I've never had a wine from Paso Robles that I didn't like! I suggest you post your Grapes For Sale message at the San Diego Amateur Winemakers Association website. That's the place you want to be, for accessing winemakers in this area. How do you propose the get the grapes all the way down here in good condition?

Craig Justice --